Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Boy, A Bear, And the Google Gods

Everyone knows Dean's best bud is his blue Oscar bear.

No matter that Oscar had become flat from 4 years of unconditional love.No matter that his bow unraveled in the first year.
No matter that Oscar had lost an eye somewhere along the way. (Rumor has it Ramona the Cat ate it.)
Oscar and Dean had never been apart for more than a night, that is until after our recent trip to hang with the H-we's. Somehow, Oscar was left behind.

But Dean is 4 now.
He is a big boy. He can sleep with out Oscar.
Of course Gretchen would send him packing back to B.P. when she found him.

But she didn't find him!
She searched high. She searched low.
P and M looked inside and out.
Oscar was NO WHERE to be found.

And so, Dean did his best to tough it out. He was brave.
Marly and I surprised him with a new stuffed polar bear. We named him Ole.
Dean did well, until the sniffles hit. He was a tired, sick boy who whined for his bear.

The truth is, I knew Dean would get over Oscar, but I wanted to be a mom who is a hero.
And so I prayed to the Google Gods on my lunch break at work.

Who was the manufacturer? "First Expressions"( No.. that's not it.)

Where was he purchased? "Macys"

(He was a gift from the former wife of one of my Dad's former business partners. I remembered the gift receipt was from Macy's.)

Okay... Okay.. "baby gifts teddy bear"

One step closer... "First Impression teddy bear"

E-Bay Rocks! (Crap - N0 longer for sale.)

Okay.. Okay.. "First Impressions Heart Bear" (Damn it...the pink one.)

"First Impressions blue bear 14 inches"
E-Bay JACKPOT!!! Buy it Now!

$10.94 by PayPals and 5 days shipping through the U.S. Postal Service....
...and it was like Santa came before Thanksgiving!
This is Dean with Oscar the Second.
A mere 7 days after his arrival and his bow is already missing, and he has nearly lost site in one eye.

Hoorah for Oscar.

I am mommy.

I am a hero!

**The funniest thing is we aren't quite sure if Dean understands this is a replacement of the original Oscar, or if he believes Oscar took a spa trip to a very talented teddy bear plastic surgeon.**

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