Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday 2011

We did not shop on Black Friday.
We did not brave the crowds.
We did not stand in line.
We did not cut coupons.
We did not getup before dawn, in the dark of night.
We did not stay up until midnight waiting for the doors to open.
We did not get FIRED UP for the HOT sales.

We did end the day with a HOT deal of our own, after dark.
We did have a FIRE in our backyard fire pit, to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

We did burn the Black Friday sales circulars to start the fire.
We did stay up until nearly midnight, after our soon-to-be moving afar favorite neighbors' Mindy and Derek stopped by with our favorite neighbor dogs, Emma and Paxton.

No jacket required!
No credit cards either!

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