Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hanging with the H-we's - Husky Style!

Friday we headed to the H-we's for some hang time. Ms. Gretchen's birthday was Thursday, so there was reason to celebrate too. We arrived bearing Papa Murphy's Pizza and heavenly to-die-for desserts from Truffles and Torte's in Anoka.

The kids played up and down and all around, this way and that. The adults had a cocktail and talked about everything under the sun, as we always do.

Saturday, Little Miss P was signed up for a mini dance class at SCSU. After several hours of practice in the AM, the kids were going to dance at half time of the SCSU Huskies Football Game.
The Thomberg's decided to stick around for the game, and bring our kids on their first ever visit to their parent's Alma Mater. We brought a picnic lunch, checked out campus and the NUMEROUS upgrades and changes, visited Gretchen's office, and got the kids their first SCSU sweatshirts at the bookstore.

And we were off to the stadium (build AFTER we graduated) located on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi.

We had a FANTASTIC time, on another perfect fall afternoon. P was a doll dancing during the half time show. And, the Huskies won against the UMD Bulldogs.

After we headed back to the car, to head home to B.P. Here is Marly having a melt down. Boy was she P-O'ed when I snapped this picture on my phone!!!!!!

Okay... smiles again.

Now let's go HOME!

**More often then not, when we are with the H-we's we are just ourselves being exactly that. More often than not, we are too comfortable in our time to think about the camera. All pics were taken on someone's phone and e mailed about. Unfortunately, I find myself unable to master the technology to turn the photos, so you will have to turn your head instead!**

p.s. - Gretchen, Can you send me the photo of us with the dessert???? okay - GOT IT!

p.p.s - Have you come across Oscar? Can you drop him in the mail????

p.p.p.s - THANKS Huwe's for a fantastic time! You too P and M!

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