Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Before Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow we are hosting Mark's family for Thanksgiving.
Today I took the day off to play in the kitchen.

So... here is a running look at my day!

  • It started out like any other. I dropped the kids off for school (except I was in jeans and boots). I was armed with a list for the day.

  • Next stop, the Caribou by the Cub for a LARGE 1/2 caf, skim latte (free with a coupon).

  • On to Cub for a 19 pound turkey and everything else you need to host this all American Holiday. 19 pounds is more then we need, but we like leftovers. Boy.. big turkeys are kinda spendy... even with that $10 off coupon.

  • Headed to AT&T to get my Blackberry fixed. I was disconnected for a few hours. God Bless my brother-in-law Pat (who works at AT&T) for ALWAYS coming to my phone rescue.

  • Stopped at Banana Republic to try and exchange a holiday skirt. Left empty handed.

  • Made a trip to Walmart to pick up a can of metallic spray paint. I had spray painted my fall gourds for my Thanksgiving table-scape tomorrow and wanted a third tone.

  • Stopped at the liquer store. The beujioli noevu (spelling) is here, and I thought I needed more beer....

  • Once home I unloaded the groceries and started cooking.

  • Mixed cream cheese, dill relish, and chopped dried beef for cracker spread/dip.

  • Ate too much dip.

  • Toasted the french bread for the stuffing, and browned the Italian sausage, celery and onions. Put it all in a throw away baking tray, and made room in the fridge.

  • Cooked the cranberries with apricot jam and a touch of Grand Mairinier, and put them in the serving dish when cool.

  • Sliced and diced and prepared the broccoli salad.

  • Spray painted my gourds in the garage.

  • Whipped up a batch of Chex Mix.

  • Poured a glass of wine for Mark and I, and threw a frozen pizza in the oven for supper.

  • Cleaned the upstairs bathroom.

  • Washed the entry rugs and swept the kitchen floor for the first time.

  • Added the leaf to the table.

  • Chopped up the vegetables to go inside and under the turkey tomorrow morning, and cut more for veggies and dip.

  • Decided to make green bean casserole with my variation of a Real Simple recipe with lots of butter, cream, and mushrooms (but NO CAMBELL'S SOUP). We will see if it gets any points tomorrow.

  • Baked up caramel puff corn... which Mark urged me to finish before everyone went to bed.

  • Gave the kids a bath and put them to bed.

  • Ate more Chex mix and watched Revenge on ABC.

  • Typed up this blog, while noting the piles of laundry that need to be put away from the corner of my eye, and figuring the rest can wait until tomorrow....

There is so much to be Thankful for.
Wishing you a day full of Thankful-ness too!

Tomorrow will be a lovely day.

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