Thursday, November 3, 2011

My name is Andrea, and I am a Spray-paint-aholic!

Derek watches me do it from his office window that faces our yard, "I knew she couldn't stay off the stuff for long!"

Kathy and Randy pause at the curb when walking Belle, "What could you possibly have left to do?"

Loren yells over, "Hey! Your polluting the environment again!"

The smokers next door pay no attention.

During open season (when the temperature ranges between about 60 to 80 degrees) you can find me on the lawn, circling my target on a big blue tarp, trigger finger poised, rhythmically waving my arm and wrist from side to side.

My poison - Zinsser primer and Krylon or Rustoleum in Almond, Khaki, Navy Blue, White, Bahama Gold, Ivy Green, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Ballerina Pink and more!

SPRAY PAINT! I have an addiction. The season has most likely come to a close this year, but come spring...Who knows what could be in store!

Dean's nightstand BEFORE - Thrifted from the Salvation Army.Dean's nightstand spray painted and coated in glaze.Dean's nightstand AFTER - The hardware got a shot of Oil Rubbed Bronze.Version two for Marly AFTER - White with ivory accents. The hardware is hit up with Satin Nickel. I wanted to highlight the details in her nightstand. Unfortunately the glaze on white paint made it look like it came from a smoker's house. Oh well..... Dean's dresser BEFORE- A hand me down from my Aunt Carol , who it got when she helped clean out the apartment of an elderly lady who died, named Cornelia, who had no close relatives. Carol gave it to my dad when he had and apartment in Mound, who then returned it when her moved he to St. Louis Park!

Dean's dresser AFTER facing my addiction.

I was lazy. I only repainted the drawers, and simply glazed the body, which I believe was coated in oil based paint that was still going strong. I also added new hardware.
Dean's headboard AFTER - Another free hand me down from Aunt Carol. I painted and glazed it to coordinate with everything else.

Four simple wooden chairs purchased from Good Will for $3.99 each AFTER a turn on my spray painting tarp. This table and chairs has found the perfect place in our family room. The table originally purchased at a garage sale for use in our townhome years ago. This winter I hope to add cool cushions to the chairs with a modern, yet nuetral print.

In case you are curious, I prefer Krylon over Rustoleum. Walmart has a decent selection of Krylon for the cheapest price.

In case you are curious, I prefer Zinsser primer over Kiltz. Home Depot carries Zinnser, Walmart does not.

In case you are curious, I prefer Krylon and Zinnser because of the way they spray from the can.

Not pictured - Marly and Dean each have solid wood kiddy tables and chairs free from an un-disclosed location. Marly's is painted a nuetral shade. Dean is blue and green to match his bedspread.

Also not pictures - Random spray painted thrifted decor items scattered through out my home.

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