Friday, December 2, 2011

Pizza Party 2011

My Dad and Chris hosted the Annual Pizza Party this Saturday after Thanksgiving.
If my calculations are correct, this is the 23 annual event.
Of course the party has evolved in a bitter-sweet way.
You see, my mom started the party at our new home the day after Thanksgiving in 1988. She wanted to see the Melberg Cousins who were home from NDSU and Moorehead State, and we always had Thanksgiving Day with the Toren side.
As the years went on, it was expanded to any and all relatives and friends too.
When my mom died, my dad wanted to continue the annual event. I think he said, "I don't have to cook anything, so I think this is the one holiday event I can contribute."
When my dad married Chris and moved to S.L.P, the pizza party moved too.
Here we are more then twenty years later with a hodge podge of guests.
To those who attend, their presence is treasured.
Baby Charlie was the big hit at the party this year.

The chocolate fountain has become another must have at the party, before the pizza ever arrives. I personally enjoy the champagne with "fluff" (not pictured).

Didn't I say it was a pizza party?

The delivery arrived around 6 pm!

There is no shortage to eat or drink for those who traveled from near and far to attend.

Smile, chat, catch up, and kick off the holiday season.

And when the party is over, and your second cousins are drifting off on their car ride back to the country, eat MORE chocolate covered strawberries!

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