Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Earl - 2011 Vacation Post #2

Meet Earl the Seagull. He is an old fellow.

I first met Earl in the winter of 3rd grade, in Orlando, Florida. My dad became acquainted with the seagull in our hotel parking lot, and introduced the bird to Brett and I on our first (and only) family vacation to Disney World!

That summer following, Earl travelled to meet us up on the North Shore. After that, he found us year after year on vacation. This mighty seagull has never missed a trip.

The first time we took Marly and Dean to the North Shore four years ago, we introduced old Earl to the new members of the clan as soon as we arrived at Bluefin Bay.

As we hopped out of the car in Canal Park, Duluth this past Friday, Marly and Dean searched the sky for our dear friend Earl.

Yup, there he was... third one to the right....

Earl has been hanging with us all week.

Be seeing you around Earl! Take Care.

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