Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Vacation Post #5 - Gooseberry State Park and Split Rock Light House

The best weather day of the trip was our excursion to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Light House. Stopping at the usual overlook for the tradational family photo.

We are so thankful Dad and Chris take us on such a wonderful summer vacation every year.

Marly's choosen outfit for hiking and siteseeing - a new tulle skirt from Nana!

The pregnant lady hiking with a smile.

After lunch we headed to Split Rock.

Once again posing for the classic vacation photo opportunity with the lighthouse looming in the background. How many of you Minnesotan's have this same photo from your childhood, or your children's???

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britta said...

Surprisingly, I don't have that picture with the lighthouse pose! Glad you enjoyed Duluth Grill and my absolutely FAVORITE Scenic Cafe!!!!

P.S. Thanks for the 'Bou Latte on Day 1!


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