Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

The kids are wrapping up their first week at their Montessori school. The teacher has told Mark and I they seem as if they have always been there, and have adjusted very well. I surely attribute this to their good care at Daycare Cindy's. I will say they are tired at the end of the day, but seem to really be enjoying it, which we expected.

This morning we celebrated Friday, and the end of the week, with donuts at our favorite bakery. Jack's happens to be in the same complex and two doors down from our child care... which might be more trouble leading to MORE treats.

Last week I got a Shellac manicure. We returned from vacation on Friday, and before 4 pm I managed to sneak in a mani/pedi. Unless it is a gift, I never get a manicure because it rarely makes it through the day without a smudge or chip. Not the case with the Shellac. I love it. It is now a week old and going STRONG. Now lets see if I can get it off myself after another 10 days of wear or so, without having to go back to have it wrapped in acetate. I think I will stop in at Sally Beauty Supply and see what I can get to take home.

Let's see...Last weekend we hit Taylor Collins grad party, and the kids had a baby-sitter while we attended the wedding of Eric and Gretchen Mellies. Mark had a nice and relaxing Father's Day. He got to do exactly what HE wanted, which was to STAY HOME. I made some nice meals, got rootbeer float supplies, and endulged in some cupcakes at Byerly's. He made a Menard's run, painted, rested, etc.

This week I often went downstairs to look at our MESS (hoping something had magically changed)! We got water in our basement due to a sump pump malfunction several storms past, and now have carpet that needs replaceing. Mark has taken this as an OPPORTUNITY to paint the kids' future rooms. IT IS TIME for them to be separated. They just goof off EVERY NIGHT! Let's hope I can get mov'n on the project at hand, instead of living with trashed carpet, and a bed set up in our living area for no real reason except it needing to go somewhere.

This weekend we have more fun summer activities - a party and a graduation. (Which makes it hard to take the basement situation seriously!)

Oh.. I think I have done a good job saving my WW points for food and drink this weekend!

Let the good times roll!

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