Monday, June 20, 2011


I am interrupting my post-vacation updates for a more REAL time blog.

Today marked a few changes in the Thomberg household.

Before vacation the Twinners had their last day at Daycare Cindy's. After nearly 2 years of good care, it was time to move on for new educational endeavors.

Today was their first day at a Montessori school. Last night I packed their lunches, and they were ready to go this morning, with brand new personalized back packs. We set up a two hour practice two weeks ago, and this morning was all smiles.

Once at school, Marly paused after she put away her pink butterfly pack and put her arms upto me. I was prepared for a grasp and cling to mommy...or tears, but all she wanted was a good-bye hug.

Also this morning, Mark started a new role at the 'Bou. He is officially a district manager. He has additional stores on his scorecard and is temporarily co-directing the Duluth area.

Finally, I started Weight Watchers several weeks ago. Unfortunately, our vacation last week (followed by a wedding and graduation this weekend) caused me to throw the points system right out the window and onto my belly...while drinking a lot more points. TODAY I will begin again!

Welcome Back to Reality World! Welcome Monday!

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