Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Picnic

Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend, I decided the Thomberg's were light on calendar events for the holiday ahead. What to do??? Entertain! Whip together a BBQ, of course.

Friday at 10 am - I called my best friend Gretchen. "Hey... What are you guys up to on Sunday? You know how I mentioned we should get together?"
Friday at noon - I lunched with two dear friends. "Hey.. What are you guys doing on Sunday?"

Friday at 6 pm - "Mark... What would you think if we hosted a BBQ on Sunday???"

Friday at 7 pm - I texted and called those friends I had casually thrown the idea around with (and a few more of COURSE).

Saturday after a trip to the Mpls Farmer's Market - Worked the guest list, worked the yard, worked the house, and debated the menu with Mark (Crock pot of shredded turkey for sandwiches or hamburgers and hotdogs?)

Saturday at 4 pm - Left the house for the Costco run. On the list - plenty of white wine, beer, fresh pattied hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, fruit, juice boxes, a giant bag of those really delicious crinkle cut sea salt potato chips, and a glorious cream filled cake with strawberries on top.

Saturday at 6 pm - Dashed into Party Place as they were closing the doors for blue napkins and plates, forks, spoons, cups, and a few more flags for decor.

Sunday morning - Lament about the weather and begin set up.

Sunday afternoon - Eagerly wait for the arrival of our guests.

Sunday around 4 pm - Drinking, eating, grilling and games with friends!

Flags in our planters out front.

The men playing boche ball on the lawn Mark can be very pround of.

Eating inside in anticipation of a few sprinkles.

Lawn time with Sam.

The sound of children's laughter and play, and screeches of delight may be one of the best parts of a summer picnic.

We had a wonderful time! We had a similar impromptu BBQ last year... and you can probably expect a similar post next year. That's how we roll at the Thomberg's. We loved having Jess, the Lyons, the H-we's and sister Sam, and Brett & Rachel for a fun afternoon and evening.

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