Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bird Book - 2011 Vacation Post #3

Several weeks back, at our local garden center, Dean spotted a bird book. He begged to take the bird book home, and I said, "No." He mentioned the bird book whenever we went anywhere that had books on display.

Of course, this mommy broke down and went to Borders the day before we left on vacation and purchased "Birds of Minnesota". I gave it to Dean before we loaded the car Friday morning. He was ecstatic. He paged through the book most of the way to Duluth.

He took that book with him EVERYWHERE on vacation. He checked out every bird, and looked up the robin over and over.

He saw a dead/stuffed hummingbird on display at Gooseberry Falls. He spent the next 5 days on the lookout for a live one, bird book on the ready.

Marly has kiddy binoculars to spy the birds!

A happy boy with his bird book!


Anonymous said...

Make sure he looks up swans! We have been having so much fun watching the swan family on Lake Whitney! They have been here 4 years now!


darcie said...

I just love this! What a great little mind he has!


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