Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A weekend with Auntie Kelly

There is NOTHING better then when Kelly e-mails saying, "Can I take the kids the weekend of XX".

The response is, "YES!"

Last weekend Kelly picked the kids up after work on Friday, and Mark picked them up on Sunday morning. The kids are giddy from the moment Kelly arrives at the door. Mark was lucky to get a kiss goodbye from the Twinners, after he got the car seats installed.

They played games, and went to see the Yogi Bear movie at the theater.

They hung out with Uncle Pat.

They came home with fresh baked cookies, art projects, and Valentine hearts.

They love their Auntie Kelly. Surely there is a lasting bond from the time Kelly nannied our wee ones!


While the kids were away, Mark and I enjoyed breakfast at Fat Nat's Eggs, ran errands and worked on a little "jazzing" in our house, took a peaceful nap, and indulged in dinner at McCormick and Schmincks with a gift card. After dinner we even had a drink at Zelo's downtown, and enjoyed good conversation with each other!

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JennyF said...

Sounds like you guys made good use of your time together, and the kids had fun too!

Zelo - one of my favorite places!! If you ever have dinner there, their sea bass is ah-maze-ing (if you like fish, that is).


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