Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MOA Adventure

Mark and I have never taken the kids on an outing to the Mall of America, so Saturday was the day. First we made our adult/errand/project stops at Home Depot and Ikea. At Ikea, Mark moved fast and was in and out while the Twinners and I waited patiently in the car... to ... get... to... the ...mall... and see fish and more.

We started off with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The food was nothing to write home about, but I did sort of feel like I was on vacation with my family. The kids liked it plenty!

Next we headed to Underwater Adventure. Grandpa David met us there to see fish, sharks and jelly fish. Dean could be heard all along the route piping up, "PAPA look! PAPA! Come HERE! Look Papa!!!!!!!!!!"

Next we headed to Nickelodeon Universe. My Dad really wanted to take Dean on the Log Chute. Dean thought he wanted to go, until it was their turn in line. NOT SO MUCH! Marly only had to take one quick look at the log flying down the chute to decide she had no interest.

We did all ride the Dora Ferris Wheel. Have I ever mentioned Mark doesn't like Ferris Wheels? he took the photos from the ground.

The carousal is a crowd pleaser for all!

We finished off the afternoon with a quick stop at Gymboree to use my Gym Bucks before they expired. The Twinners are nearly 4, and needed to move on to some 4T clothes.

We didn't buy that much, Dean just insisted on carrying his own things, so I had to get an extra bag. Then he wanted to carry the other bag too. He is looking like he made quite a haul at the mall.

To wrap it up, we all had fun. It was a great cold weather outing! I will tell you, everyone else must have thought the same thing, because when we left at 3 pm the place was packed.

**We even ran into my cousin Karin. Mark pointed out we run into her somewhere every winter**

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