Thursday, February 17, 2011


One of the things I love most about birthdays among my immediate family - Birthday Meal Out. (Thank you Dad!) I love getting together over good food, for good conversation and celebration. Mark and I traditionally choose brunch, so that Marly and Dean can be a part of my celebration.

The rest of the family chooses to dine for dinner. It is a fantastic reason for Mark and I to pay a pretty hefty hourly babysitter rate. Next up, Rachel's b-day dinner at a location yet to be determined.

Here we are, out for brunch last Sunday after church for my 36th Birthday. I am wearing my gift/outfit from Chris (and Dad). Chris took Rachel and I out for mani/pedi's, lunch, and shopping at Hot Mama the day before. Mark's comment on my outfit, "Oh wow! You don't look like a mom for a change." Is that a compliment? I am not sure!

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