Friday, February 4, 2011

Boot Hockey at the Hagel Braids

This past Sunday, we were invited to the Hagel Braid house for a boot hockey playdate. They flooded their own skating rink right in their yard.

Dean had a BLAST. Before we even got geared up to go outside, Dean was asking where the pucks were. We have never taken the kids to a hockey game, and we don't watch sports at home, yet somehow, Dean-o knew EXACTLY what to do! In must be innate to boys from the frozen tundra.

Dean spent a lot of time as the goally! Honostly, after we left, I realized he might not have given the other kids a chance. He was also the last child to go in, and would have stayed outside much longer if I had let him. None of the boys minded a bit when they fell down. They just got right back up and came back for more.

Marly had no interest in the puck or sticks. I encouraged her to join the boys if she wanted, but she prefered to slide around the other end of the rink with Mommy.

It was a great afternoon. Dean can't wait to come back, and I think we will get skates for the kids next year.


Marketing Mama said...

So cute Andrea! I've never known anyone with a rink in their yard - but have also never heard of boot hockey! Sounds much safer than hockey on skates. :)

Anonymous said...

Andrea, please bring the kids any time! We had a blast and would love for them to come over for another game soon!

JennyF said...

What fun! Nothing like outdoor activity to make the winter pass by quickly.


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