Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! This and That and News...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. You can guess I have been celebrating since Friday.

-The weekend was kicked off with a Suprise 40th Birthday Party for my couin Dawn in Bird Island. I wanted to be there because Dawn and I celebrated all our childhood birthday parties together. Dawn was always stuck with a heart b-day cake. Brett, Rachel and I headed out together. (Mark was on call for the 'Bou.)

-The trip to and from Bird Island was hassle free.

BIG NEWS ALERT!******There is a designated driver in the family for the next 8 months or so. Rachel and Brett are having a baby!!!! I am OVER THE MOON to be an AUNTIE. Contragulations Brett and Rachel.*****

-This weekend Chris treated Rachel and I to manicures, pedicures AND a shopping trip to Hot Mama. I have on my new birthday outfit right now.

-I am wearing my favorite 30th birthday gift. My large Tiffany heart from Mark, my small Tiffany heart from Brett and Rachel, and my Tiffany heart bracelet from all my friends, spearheaded by Cindy. I also have the heart earings from my dad, although I have pearls on today.

-Sunday we enjoyed birthday brunch with my family. My Dad continued his very special Valentine's tradition. He graced Rachel, Chris and I with a gold dipped rose. We all have over a 1/2 dozen now.

-Today Marly is home sick with Mark. Dean and I stopped at Jack's Bakery to get Valentine's cookies for daycare and for work. (SHHH.... don't tell Marly what she missed!) At the bakery, as I watched Dean pick out cookies, I teared up as my heart overflows with love for my wee ones.

-I stopped at Caribou after I dropped off Dean. I have a coupon for a Free Birthday Drink, and a coupon for a Buy One Get One Free for Valentine's. I defaulted for the Buy One Get One and treated my co-worker Kenna. Share the delight! I bet they will let me use the Free B-day Drink tomorrow.

-Dean has on the exact same shirt today that he did last year. Marly wore the same dress to church yesterday.

-Happy Birthday to the other Valentine - My Mom's best friend, Yowdie (A.K.A Judy Mellies). Yowdie is in our family's prayers daily.

SHARE the gratitude for all those you love, admire and are happy to have in your life today.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthay, Anrea!! Seems like yesteray that I was up at St. Cloud State waiting for Mom to call and announce that Marlys and David had a new baby. We were all a little concerned about the weather - hoping that the 20 mile drive to the hospital would be possible and eventless! Love ya, Joey


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