Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted - An Observation

I know, I know... where is the Halloween Post?
It's coming...

In the mean time, I voted this morning. I dropped the kids off at daycare, then cruised back to my polling place before going to work. While there, something occurred to me. I am destined to be an election judge volunteer.

Someday.....many, many years from now, when I am retired, I am going to be one of those ladies with coiffed hair, smiling, asking your name, checking the list, and explaining how to fill circles. I'll be chit chatty with everyone. By then, the technology will have changed, but the friendly volunteers will have not!

I envision myself bringing one of those giant percolator pots and making Caribout coffee for the crew. I am sure the same people volunteer every year, and they have a pot luck system down pat. I will most likely show up with treats (that I buy at Costco of course)! Thirty years or so from now, I'll be there.

GET OUT AND VOTE if you haven't already.

1 comment:

britta said...

What color do you think your hair will be then?!


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