Monday, November 15, 2010

Polar Bears

I am sure I have mentioned before Dean LOVES polar bears. Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, Diego... sure their okay, but for Dean - POLAR BEARS RULE!

I think his love of the world's largest land predator started with that Bill Martin Jr book, illustrated by Eric Carle. You know, "Polar Bear, Polar Bear what to you hear?"

Then, there were two pairs of Gymborie Gymmies with polar bears last winter. He has one pair on in the photo below. He has a book about polar bears, has watched polar bear videos on U Tube, got a polar bear video from the library last week, and owns a polar bear t-shirt from Land's End. He has informed me they eat seals. I have mentioned polar bears would also eat Dean.

Anyway, last week on my time off we were running an errand to Super Wal-mart. I happened upon a thrift store in my community I had never noticed before. I prefer non-profit thrift (Salvation Army, Good Will, St. Vincent DePaul) to for-profit, but never mind. My car suddenly moved toward the left turn lane. It was time to introduce my kids to mommy's odd obsession. It was a quite, rather grungy establishment and my kids thought everything was a treasure.

Marly struck GOLD when she spotted this ceramic polar bear for Dean! It was a $1.50, and it was coming home with us.

Dean wanted to display it on the picture shelves in our dining/living area. Thank the Lord it was too wide. He has taken to napping with his new polar bears (along with Oscar).

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