Monday, November 22, 2010

Lipton Cup-a-Soup

Dean got the stomach flu this weekend. He started throwing up around 4 am on Sunday. Later that morning, you could have set a clock by his illness. Every 1/2 hour, he would look at me with his big hazel eyes and say, "....again Mommy...." He was so good about it. He didn't whine, he didn't cry, he rested. Oh, and he asked for french toast. We didn't let him have french toast.

Late in the day, after a good long nap, he was finally ready for my childhood remedy to the stomach flu - Lipton Cup-a-Soup. Mark and Marly went to the store earlier in the afternoon for Dean's stomach flu supplies, including ginger ale and soda crackers.

I remember my mom making Cup-a-Soup for me when I was sick when I was little. My mom served the soup to the sickie in a coffee mug. The sickie got to sip at it, or use a spoon when their stomach was ready. It's salty goodness was pleasing to the sickie's empty stomach. Surely, the sickie felt special when Mom heated up their cup in the microwave (or from the tea kettle when I was really little in our old white house with blue trim, and a blue kitchen).

And so, I reverted to Marlys's handy go-to for my own little sickie. Boy was it a pleaser for my little man Dean-er. I showed him how to sip his soup from the big Caribou mug, and use his spoon to dive for those noodles on the bottom. Dean felt special with his big mug (just as I had). The brothy liquid brought a smile and a "Mmmmm!" to his lips.

Later Dean had spaghetti for supper, and was busy begging Marly to play with him. This morning the first words out of his mouth were, "I am ALL BETTER!"

It must have been the Lipton Cup-a-Soup! I have plenty more on hand if anyone else comes down with the nasty bug. Mark had never had Cup-a-Soup. He didn't realize the box was a multipack, so he bought 3 boxes for good measure.


MollyinMinn said...

Poor Dean, but good job mama. Glad he's feeling better and hope the rest of you manage to avoid it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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