Friday, October 29, 2010

Hanging with the H-we's

We love to hang with the H-we's... but it has been a long while. (Was our last overnight in July!?). The crew came to visit last Saturday.

After playing for a bit the kids had chicken nuggets and tator tots for supper.

Then, we celebrated Gretchen's birthday a few days early with a Costco pumpkin cheesecake and candles.

Next we set the kids up with a movie, while I made Red Currant Glazed Chicken with Spinach from Real Simple for the adult dinner.

We dined (and enjoyed every bite), put the troops to bed...
(below is the movie watching, not bed!)
and finally enjoyed the pumpkin cheesecake we initially cut earlier for the kids....

and talked, and talked, and talked. ( was only 11:20 pm, but we were tired and went to bed. That's how we role at age 35 or so.)

It's so good just to hang out, laugh and be. The kids had a fantastic time too!

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