Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

In a world with digital photography everywhere, documenting EVERYTHING, I feel a little sick admitting it appears my camera card containing our Halloween photos is permanently missing. I am desperately hoping the little blue chip miraculously appears somewhere so the 2010 holiday is not forever lost, but it looks bleak.

Here a list of the missing photos I am unable to post.
  • Me wearing a black BP dress, orange tank top underneath, with a a purple cardigan, and orange, lime and purple argyle knee-high Halloween socks (with black pattend leather mary janes). I wore this outfit Friday to work for the patient trick-or-treat and it made a repeat appearance for Sunday School.
  • The kids and etc. creating our jack-o-lanterns
  • Family gathering for baked ziti for a Halloween supper at our house. The baked ziti turned out dry. Oh well...
  • The kids in their costumes. Dean was a king, and Marly was a fairy butterfly princess.
  • The kids dressed up to trick or treat and posing with Brett, Rachel, my Dad, and Grandpa Gary and Grandma Pauline.

That's all I have for you folks. What a bummer. Shhh... don't tell Mark (he rarely reads the blog).

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