Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall 2010 on Riverview Lane

This is our second fall on Riverview Lane, and our second year of raking. Last year the Twinners discovered the fun in running and jumping into the crisp pile of leaves. This year Dean would go back, back, way back... and dash for the pile with real vigore. Mostly though, they enjoyed burying themselves this past Saturday. Last year required jackets. This year we had on shorts!

(For a glimpse at the Twinners Fall 2008 - Click Here)

Mark raked and I bagged up perhaps 10 lawn and garden compost bags. I lost count because we burned some later, and I think I dumped 6 bags in the nieghbor's ravine on the river across the street. Two more bags worth are left at the bottom of the kid's slide... but I think we are done with the heavy duty part.

WARNING! The entire weekend was picture perfect with near record high temperatures in the '80's. Actually, we took so many pictures, I am sorting things into multiple posts. Stay tuned for our adventures.

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