Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Brett

About a week before Brett's birthday I called my brother. "Hey... when are we going out for your birthday? I can't wait for RED MEAT!"

Perhaps I have mentioned before, my Dad (and Chris of course) takes us out to dinner wherever we want for a family birthday meal. I think Brett, Rachel, Mark and I have all come to look forward to each person's special restaurant experience.

Anyway...true to Brett form, since the Birthday Dinner was instituted, Brett always picks one of the Twin Cities finest steak houses. The past three years you can find us at a table for 6 at Manny's in the Hotel W. Can I tell you Brett's Birthday Dinner out is worth every single penny we invest in our babysitter (and then some....)!

It has become Mark and my tradition to leave early enough to have a cocktail in the bar before our meal. Like Manny's meat extravagance, the bar does not disappoint. The people watching is fabulous. For a few minutes, Mark and I pretend to be hip. Last Friday I had an interesting chat with a woman dining alone at the bar. She had a bottle of Italian water and a bottle of red wine in front of her. She explained in just a few days she was travelling to Belize for a 4 week vacation with her boyfriend who plays major league baseball in Milwaukee. She appeared the most typical of Minnesotan's, (she even showed us her MN Twin's tattoo on her bikini line, then explained she was also Ron Gardenhire's niece). She alerted us she was sparing no expense on one of her last meals out in our fine state.

Anyway, everyone arrived and we had an amazing and fun evening. We all get dressed up. Of course, neither Brett nor I had our camera. Rachel was a total hottie in a black dress and heels. My Dad wore his initial cuff links. (I wore a BP Factory Outlet teal sleeveless dress with a ruffle down the front, black footless tights, quilted black flats, and a flee market brass beaded necklace.) Like past years, we went up to the Prohibition Bar on the 37th floor of the Foshay for a nightcap.

My birthday gift for Brett on his 33 birthday on 10-10-10??? - A sizable bottle of Hendrick's Gin purchased at Morelli's on Payne on my way home from work Friday! I am sure I got a good deal. (Oh.. and I picked up one of their homemade frozen pizza's for the kid's supper too.)

Love you Brett! Happy Birthday! Love you Dad for our birthday meals, and everything more!

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