Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Return of Mickey

When I told my co-workers the story of the catch and release of Mickey Mouse in our home last week, I was warned. He would return... or send friends.

Indeed, this is true. Around 6:20 am this morning, Ramona the Cat found her playmate. But, before I even knew there was a mouse in the house, Mark had AGAIN caught the little pest in Pyrex!

I told Mark this time we needed to KILL the pest. Mark began to put on running pants and shirt to go outside. He started laughing, kind of like a neverous teenager. When Mark starts to laugh like this, it means he knows he's doing something he shouldn't, but he is going to do it anyway, and pretend something else.

Translation - Mark really had no idea how to kill the little pest either, and was going to release Mickey (or his friend) again, because he couldn't or wouldn't squash Mickey!

So, my husband got in the car, drove to the park by the river, and dumped Mickey. He appeared half dead. We hope this is the end to our rodent problem, but we fear it is NOT. We think Mickey may have told all the little mousies out there about the feast on the Thomberg's kitchen floor because Mrs. Thomberg doesn't sweep often enough.....

We do have traps out, and poison, and such.

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