Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Projects

Lest you think the Thomberg's haven't been up to our usual home improvement projects, here is a pictorial look at our weekend (weeknight) projects of the moment...I spray painted our fire place front and tools "satin nickel" to match the rest of the hardware and decor in our home. The front is now dry and ready to be re-mounted.

Planting grass here and there...

Painting terra cotta pots for our patio the same shade as ones I covet from Crate and Barrel!

Moving rocks in our back yard flower bed.

Moving hostas (and rock and mulch) in our front entry area.

Oh yah!!! And putting up a swing set. It is now about 1/2 complete. Mark's dad and brother will be back next Saturday, hopefully to finish the project.

The Twinners already LOVE it, and they only have a slide so far. (sorry for the blurry photos, I had the camera on some incorrect setting.)

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