Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dancing with the Stars, Twinner Style!

On Monday, I tune in to 'Dancing with the Stars' NOT to watch the show... but to watch the Twinner's watch 'Dancing with the Stars'!

It's hilarious. If only I were good blogger who also added video. Please use your imagination to enhance these still photos.
Marly and Dean attempt to dance and watch simultaneously, then try to mimic what they see on screen.

Their conversation during this process is interesting to say the least, as they attempt to give each other direction on the next move.

Notice the TV screen image above, and Marly below.

Why should only the lady partner get to skid across the floor?

Not pictured, but they also break out into their own dance. Dean is a little hip shaker and Marly loves to twirl! You should have seen them dance to their favorite "Lady Ga Ga" two weeks ago. Next week I will remember to get out the video camera.

As the mother of toddler/preschool twins, I can tell you they are exactly what you would EXPECT twins to be in basically every sense.


britta said...

Ha ha this is hilarious! you need to get video of it!!!

MollyinMinn said...

This was the funniest thing I read all day! So stinkin' cute.

JennyF said...

So adorable!! Thanks for sharing, that is so precious. Now you need a video to torment them with in their teenage years.


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