Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mid-Thirties Mama

You know you are a Mid-Thirties Mama (specifically named Andrea) when...

  • You don't have any weddings on your summer calendar.
  • A majority of your friends have attained their personal kid quota, and you don't have any baby showers on your calendar either.
  • Your wardrobe staple includes cardigans. Lots of cardigans. You wear them more days then not. You own more then you choose to count in multiple colors, sleeve lengths, v-neck, rounded neck, longer length, regular length, and of various materials. You feel you can never have TOO MANY cardigans. You wrap them around your waste, belt them, etc.
  • You adore your kids 15-year-old babysitter because every time she comes over she compliments you on your wardrobe, or some element of your attire. The babysitter has actually asked you where you bought something, and this pleased you more then any compliment your husband gave you that evening, because you worry having kids may have made sucked any cool-ness out of you.
  • Less then a year after moving to your street, you get the guts to host your neighborhood book club and invite the neighborhood ladies all the way in, knowing they are more established in their homes, and they don't have toddlers...
  • You have been known to buy a pretty sexy pair of high heeled/open toed/boot shoes that zipped up the back, then returned them because you knew you couldn't chase your toddlers safely in them, and they weren't appropriate for church.
  • You have decided to invest in a full skin care regimen.
  • You discover your c-section scar is completely non-existant, and have mostly come to grips with your Twinner's pouch that is here to stay.
  • You put things like "Britax car seats" and "swing set" on your Christmas list.
  • You love your fancy red vacuum.
  • Your usual special drink of choice is found at Caribou Coffee and not Happy Hour.
  • You don't remember the last time you were at a Happy Hour.
  • When you do have a drink, you have a vodka of preference, rather then a rail pour, but you probably mix it at home.
  • You get excited about Taco Tuesday at the neighborhood bar & grill because the tacos are only a dollar & you have discovered your toddlers also like the wings on special & if you get there BEFORE 6 pm they have great drink specials & it is kid friendly & you know you will see other mommy's and daddy's there (with kids) having a drink too & there is nothing to clean up when you are done. (...wait a minute, this might be Happy Hour!)
  • You sleep with greater ease if before going to bed, you have loaded the dishwasher, wiped up the counter tops, started another load of laundry, and folded or put away a load.
  • You have a swing set in your backyard and you couldn't imagine it any other way.
  • Your Twinner Toddlers are signed up for community ed soccor.
  • You debate with your husband about shrubbery.
  • Your kids begin to ask for a hot dog ($1.75 with a drink included) at Costco mid-way through the shopping trip.
  • You have had the same doctors for years now, and they remember how to pronounce your name, or at least remember they pronounce it wrong EVERY year.
  • Your Friday night fun always involves pizza, which is just fine because there are NO decisions to be made except what kind to eat.

I could go on an on, and suspect I will come back and add more.. but that's all for now folks!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

MollyinMinn said...

And all of it, I wouldn't have any other way.

JennyF said...

These are great...and so true! Some more to add:

1. It takes you an hour between the decision to go to bed and the actual getting into said bed because of aforementioned kitchen clean-up, laundry starting, picking up that happens between you and your bedroom.

2. You get your kids to bed kind of early on a Saturday night and you and your husband are thrilled because you get to go to bed too -- to sleep!


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