Friday, May 14, 2010

Me and My Wedding Rings

My wedding rings have been too large for four years. Yesterday I was driving right by the small family-owned jeweler on Grand Avenue that created my band, so I stopped in to get an estimate to re-size them. The same two ladies I have encountered the past 7 years were on hand to help.

I showed the lady my rings and she got out the sizers. Of course, like any good shop owner, she complimented me on the lovely and clever wedding ring designs and their beauty.

She asked, "How long have you been married?" - "Seven years now I think. "

She asked, "Did you lose weight, and that's why you need to re-size?" - "Sure... like FOUR years ago! I kept meaning to come in. I was here about three years ago and you guy's put a "temporary fix" on them..."

The woman congratulated me. (Yes, we all know I put on a lot of pounds in the years after my mom died, my metabolism changed, and I got married.)

I went on to explain - "I lost weight, then got pregnant. I didn't re-size them then because I was unsure what weight I would gain or return too. Well... then I breast feed the twins for a year, and lost even more weight, but I really didn't think I would ever stay that size. (God what I wouldn't give for that tiny waste and legs and GENEROUS cup size again!!!! No I did NOT say that outloud.) twin's are three now. So, I thought I should do something about it before I lose them... and I was driving right by.. and thought I would come in. (I didn't tell her I had been at a Happy Hour gathering for a co-worker nearby.)

Anyway, we continued to chit chat. I prepared to leave and the woman said, "I will call you when we have an estimate. Congratulations again to you, and continued success!"

My response (after a pause) "... Thank you....Yes... I am glad I am still married and it worked well!"

She burst into laughter. She said, "I'm NOT congratulating you on your marriage working out! I'm congratulating you on your weight loss success. You dropped a pretty dramatic ring size."

OH! Yeah... That too.... (Maybe I shouldn't have eaten those onion rings at Happy Hour...)


MollyinMinn said...

Ha ha. Not sure it was the onion rings that were the problem ;)

Jitesh said...

Informative topics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Wedding rings are so precious and valuable too.


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