Monday, March 15, 2010

The View from our Window

Spring arrived in full force on Sunday! After church there was no way the kids were coming in the house after they unloaded from the car. Mark and I flung open the windows and let the kids putter around out front while we puttered in the kitchen.

Fear not, we were peering out the open window ever few minutes to check on the Twinner's.

Here is the view from our living room window...

Okay, this one below is from the front of the house. Naturally the independence to be on their own was some what short lived as they moved on to other areas of the yard not visible from the windows.

Trike season is here again... but we may need to graduate to small bikes soon!

Anyway, I will confess the "view from our window" and all that comes with it reinforces our home choice as we work our way through the first year at our current address.


MollyinMinn said...

Ah spring. They are so cute and look like they had so much fun!

Brandy said...

Cute blog, I love that you guys almost changed your last name, too funny!!

Thanks for stopping by it's great to meet you!



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