Monday, March 8, 2010

Marly and Dean's New Ride

Two years ago I purchased the Twinner's a Little Tykes wagon for $5 at our Mother's of Mulitples garage sale. It was worth just that much. It had been laiden with so much love prior to our use, the wheels bowed out a bit. Just the same, our Little Tykes wagon saw many trips around our town home complex in Blaine, and our current neighborhood along the river. She made many pulls to the park.

Alas, I got her out last week when the weather warmed. At the kids current size and weight, she couldn't cut the snuff. With an envelope of the kid's birthday cash in the cupboard (and a few gift cards), I knew it was time to upgrade. Of course I planned to search for a used model on line first before shelling out the $79 retail. Guess what? - Friday a wagon was posted on my M.O.M.S message board, "Like New Radio Flyer Wagon - $40"

I e mailed immediately, and got a call back in less then a hour. A mother of QUADS was selling the wagon. She oringally owned two. It was barely used because it turns out ONE stay at home mom, with TWO wagons, pulling FOUR kids doesn't work so well.

I picked it up Saturday morning. Four 5 1/2 years olds (3 girls/1 boy) peeked into the garage with their footie jammies to see where their former toy was headed. I don't have a photo of that.

The Twinner's new ride has storage and cup holders.

Marly was excited. Dean was not.

Marly decided to try and pose Dean more appropriately for the photo.

Dean finally smiled into his usual squint.


britta said...

So dang cute!

happygal said...

adorable. just love them!


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