Friday, March 12, 2010

Mid Week Get Away!

For a great many past winters, our friends Gretchen and Dan have headed up to Breezy Point in the off season for a little get away from home & work. Many years ago (pre-kids) Mark and I joined them for a weekend. All those years back, Mark got a speeding ticket on the way, and the men indulged in too much Saki.

This year, Gretchen invited us to come play again with kids. Mark couldn't get away from work, and my schedule only allowed for a mid week visit, but it was an opportunity not to be passed up. So, Tuesday after work the kids and I headed up, and had a VERY NICE break from the usual routine.

Wednesday night the kids baked a cake with Gretchen... which is good.. since Mommy doesn't bake!
At the time the photo above was taken, P (who is 4) was at round two at the pool with her Daddy. The younger threesome stayed back.

Both Wednesday and Thursday morning were spent at the pool with a water slide just the right size for all the kids. The first day both Marly and Dean independently climbed the staircase OVER AND OVER and went down the slide.

On day two, Marly concentrated on her swimming skills. She paddled back and forth across the pool over and over. She announced to me at some point, "Mommy, I'm a good swimmer!' I think it is time for swimming lessons.

I am embarrassed to report this is probably only the second time in their life they have been in a pool. They did get to the lake often last summer, but not a pool!

Three ducks in a row. (P is missing from the photo because she wasn't feeling well on Thursday morning.)

THANK YOU H-we's for inviting us to play with you and get away!
As the whole thing played out, going mid week was squishing time off between work appointments, but the truth is, I really needed the break, and am grateful to have gotten it.

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