Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Party - Round Two

Sunday we had family and friends for a party of 23 adults and 9 kids to celebrate the kids 3rd birthday. We had decorations outside...

We had decorations inside.

(Since I so enjoyed making the heart garlands for Valentine's Day... I really went to town with birthday garland. Don't let me loose with card stock, scissors, spools of ribbon, and a hole punch!)

There were guests upstairs.

There were guests downstairs...

There were kids UPstairs and DOWNstairs.

My aunt Toot's. I think she looks lovely in this photo.

Hurry up and serve the cake!

(The cake was ordered from Bunnie Wolf in Hector and delivered by my aunt. An outstanding specimen of poppyseed!)

Opening gifts... a full house.

Fun times...

...too much fun perhaps???

Grandpa David snoozing on the couch!
(Actually, I have a similar photo at almost every family event!)

Marly also partied too hard.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate this weekend.
We thank you for your generosity of your time and your overwhelming gifts.

*A special thanks to Laura for the Special K Bars, Toots for the fruit salad, Jan for the deviled eggs, Carol for delivering more items from storage, Jenny for the chairs, Sutton for playing "Happy Birthday" on the guitar, and Gretchen for being my Kitchen Crew!*


Angie said...

Looks like fun! I love how you support business/people from your home town. A nice way to keep that connection strong! (The cake looked FAB, by the way.)

happygal said...

Oh my, the passed out Marly is too great! Love them!


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