Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday at the Thomberg's

This Saturday Mark and I decided to have some fun about Easter. Mark borrowed a wire tree from last year's Christmas display at 'Bou, and we needed to create some Egg's to hang on it.

When I was little, my mom made absolutely beautiful decorated eggs from real eggs she had blown. They were adorned with fabric, glue, ribbon and glitter. Every year we would hang the eggs on a live honeysuckle branch my mom would cut and force in a coffee can wrapped in pastel paper and filled with wet sand. Every year she made me an Easter dress and Brett and I would have our picture taken in front of it on Easter 'morn. Those eggs are in a shoe box somewhere in our home. I will get them out when the kids are a bit older.

In the mean time, I made an trip to JoAnne Fabrics for Easter supplies while the kids were napping. I purchased plastic eggs in a kit.

(I admit I didn't have the ambition to blow eggs myself this year. Plus I don't have any pretty fabric scraps! Someday though...)

Concentrating on our work.

Mark drilled a hole in each plastic/paper egg. I jammed embroidery thread in, then Mod Podged the crap out of the little buggers.
Dean hanging his work.

Kind a pretty hu!... and there is more...

Once we get started on our little projects, it is hard to stop. Below is one of the 8 wreaths that hung around the church and reception hall at our wedding way back when. Just last week, my aunt Carol brought them to me from storage. They were bought on super clearance at Pottery Barn post-holiday. Our local florist in Hector (Jerry of Flowers by Jerry) jazzed them up to make them wedding worthy all those 7 years ago.
I drilled more holes in strophome eggs to jazz one up to make it Easter worthy. I think it turned out prettier then the egg wreaths they were selling at JoAnne!

Below in our thrift store buffet in it's Easter motif.

The bunnies in the corner are another project for another post down the road...

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