Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go Lady 'Stangs

I graduated from BL-H High School (Buffalo Lake-Hector for those of you who don't know your small town acronyms) about 17 years ago. Today this Home Town girl is cheering on her Home Town team!

The BL-H Girls Basketball team is playing at state TODAY, and I am mentally cheering them on.

I am sure you could guess I did NOT play sports in high school. (I was speech and drama geek myself.). I will also alert you the Mustangs did not generally excel in most any team sport. My entire high school career, the football team did NOT win a single game. The one notable sport in my time was volleyball. We did go to to state several years. I remember our family staying at a Days Inn in Bloomington to attend the games. Back then, it was a BIG DEAL.

I am sure it is a BIG DEAL today too! I AM EXCITED, and I DON'T LIVE THERE anymore!

My Dad is over at William's Arena right now watching the game. He called me at 10 pm last night to alert me, just in case I could come over. He also alerted me buses were chartered from Hector. Well of course! That's what you do in a small town!

My cousin Michelle's daughter (Mikayla) plays on the B-squad. She is quite young for B-squad! My cousin's husband (Mikayla's dad) helps coach B-squad.

Go Lady Mustang's!!!

*The photo above is our actual mascot. I grabbed it from our school district's web site. Pretty classy don't you think???!!! When our two small town schools combined when I was in the 6th and 7th grade, I think there might have been quite a debate about the mascot. The mighty Mustang won out, and s/he looks the same to this day...

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Nicole Mages said...

It is wierd how proud you can still be! I was sooo excited for them! I love being from a small town. My mom said all the businesses in town had signs and someone made big signs as you come into town. She said they took 9 fan busses to the game today! Wow!! I listened to them on the radio. They played a good game, but unfortunately our state tournament run is over. Still VERY exciting considering we have NEVER been known for our outstanding basketball talents! Way to go girls!!


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