Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Purse!

For my birthday in February, I got this decadent new designer handbag as a birthday gift. I LOVED it from the moment I opened it. I have never had a real designer purse before. Chris bought it for me, and I know she spent a lot of time picking just the right one for me. It was a very special gift I delighted in.

I brought it home.... and put it in my closet. I got it out often to admire it, but the truth is, I was intimated by the leather object. You see, I worried my handbag was classier then it's owner!

Earlier this week I was in Chicago for work. We were staying on Michigan Avenue. I decided the trip would would be the perfect inaugural event for my fantastic new accessory. First we went to lunch on Sunday at a place called Grand Lux Cafe, and window shopped along the Miracle Mile. Inside the purse, I had my sort-of-sleek sunglasses from the Banana Republic Factory Store. I wore a black spring trench coat with it, also from the BP Factory Store.

Here is the purse one evening in the bathroom at Rebar, which is the bar inside Trump Towers. We went there one night for a drink after our work dinner.

Yup - a swanky destination for my classy handbag!

*If I can degrees (which I can, because this is MY blog), I had a drink concocted of jalapeno infused Belvedere Vodka, pineapple juice, lime and fresh cilantro. That's mixology at it's finest for $15!*

Here I am taking my picture with the purse in the mirror in the bathroom at Rebar. Of course THAT didn't work well!

Shirt - Black silk sleeveless with a tie bow from The Limited from like 2006.
Sweater - J Crew clearance cardigan from last season in pale pink.
Belt - J Crew, also in pale pink (full price... I almost returned it until the sales lady commented that it would be re-sold almost immediately because it was sold out everywhere.)
Chunky pink/bronze necklace - Target Clearance.
Long Necklace - Strings of freshwater pearls with a pink tinge purchased on our trip to the Big Island in Hawaii with Gretchen and Dan several years back.
Earrings - Gold hoops from Target.
Jeans - Banana Republic trouser jeans.
Shoes - black suede heals from Casual Corner when they were going out of business several years back. Okay that was probably like 6 years back.
Purse - The Luna by Dooney & Bourke!

So, now that my purse has been initiated, I am comfortable and ready to take it out and about for the more mundane activities in my life!

**The purse was also used locally and for the first time ever last Friday for Rachel's belated birthday dinner at Crave, along with Chris. Our babysitter commented on my cute outfit that evening. I consider that a SCORE for the mommy, when a 14 year old thinks your outfit is cool!**


britta said...

Whneever I see you, which is like once a year...and it has been almost a always look super cute!!!

Brandy said...

Thank you, I made my header for free at scrapblog! Let me know if you need any help, you have a lot of options on there!


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