Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Truths

I know, I know... where are the Halloween photos of pumpkin carving with Grandma Pauline and Gary, costumes with the grandparents, and candy??? Tomorrow or the next day...

The quick update - Saturday we had my Dad, Gary and Pauline over for lasagna, then when went about the nieghborhood collecting treats.

In the mean time, I had yesterday off because Daycare Cindy was having dental work done. We had such a relaxed day. We got up, ran errands, played outside for a bit, the kids took naps, I did laundry and made supper with out feeling tired, rushed, too late, and behind. When Mark got home I was relaxed and comfortable. What a tease to get to spend this one day... then know I must go back to work as usual for the rest of the week. It is such a struggle. I understand and acknowledge being a stay at home mom is a full time job. I often wish it was my career right now, and mourned this when Marly padded into our room this morning at 6 am and crawled into bed with me. I remember doing that to my mom for YEARS!

But - Today is Tuesday, and it is back to business as usual!

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