Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update and Stuff on Saturday

So... Here are some random updates for you (minus photos) this Saturday afternoon.

Paint Projects
  • Mark continues to paint trim, and the downstairs doors and hallway are complete. Today at Lowe's we picked up two Valspar samples and may have hit the mark for the colors in the lower level family room. The dark trim downstairs is now a nice crisp white like upstairs.
  • I have a paint project of my own right now - a buffet purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores (the Salvation Army on University near my work). You all may not know I have a thrift store addiction. I love to search for home accesories, or items I can transform with paint, at the best bargain price. Anyway, I have been searching for a sturdy buffet and finally found one. I am nearly done painting it white, and will change out the hardware. The Ikea side table formerly in our dining area was returned last Saturday. It cost $125, plus the baskets. It was more then I wanted to spent in the first place, and especially in comparitive to the $64 I bargained for at the Salvation Army. One of them is solid wood, the other was not!


  • While I was gone to Salt Lake, the kids flushed bath toys down the toilet. We called RotoRooter... then needed to call them AGAIN when it was clear the passage was still plugged. I had a coupon for the first visit. Due to an unusual customer service issue, the second visit (when the toilet needed to be removed to get the busted up squirt gun out) was FREE of charge.
  • In the mean time, our bathtub faucet fell right off and water went shooting across the tub. I called our home warranty hot line, hoping this might be covered, and was told it was NOT. I e mailed my neighborhood ladies bookclub list for plumbing references, and was quickly recommended to Paul the Plumber. Paul the Plumber noted our bathtub had no access from the closet behind and needed to create this. He also suggested a high quality Moen bathtub fixture which would be scald resistant for Marly and Dean (he has 4 kids, including twins who are 4). Great! (a nice price tag was attached.)
  • Before the bathtub issue was completely resolved (we needed to wait for the Moen spout on back order and had a "temporary" fix in place)....another leak related to the tub presented itself. I again called the home warranty company. Hooray!!! The problem was covered, and a another plumber was dispatched. Much to my surprise, the representative alerted me my first issue was also covered, and I had been misinformed. When Paul the Plumber is finished, I hope to submit his bill for at least a partial refund. THANK GOODNESS! A dry wall contractor (also covered) will be in next week to fix the hole in the lower level ceiling where the tub leaked. Now we have tub access there too. I also have two plumbers I could recommend.

Potty Training - All systems go! Marly and Dean pretty much picked up on the deal pretty much straight out of the gate (not counting Dean's initial 3 day rebellion). Rachel had gotten the kids Pull Ups for their 2nd birthday. We brought those to Daycare Cindy, where they have not been needed. We bought a pink and a blue package for our home, and have not used them. Dean prefers his underwear with Elmo or Cookie Monster, over the solid colored dino underwear. Marly prefers pastel hearts or stripes, and will not wear her Elmo underwear. They do have accidents, but only at home when Mom and Dad get forgetful or are not paying attention, and not in public. They wear diapers at night. Mark and I are very proud of them.

Thanksgiving - We are having Mark's family over (Parents, Kelly and Pat, and his brother Jeff). Today I bought a 19 pound fresh turkey at Costco (yes I am planning for left-overs...yes that is way too big probably), along with fresh green beans, the cranberries, potatoes, wine, and so forth. I am excited to use our china. I must have the buffet done by then. I was also able to spend our diaper dollars on a huge poinsettia plant. That was cheaper then the box of diapers.

Next Week - I am already flushed with anxiety thinking of all the things I need to complete at work and home. I want to take Wednesday off, but I have an important work event next Sunday, and another one the Sunday after. I am trying not to think about it all at 3:40 am when the rest of the world is alseep, and I lay there knowing my house is dirty, the dishwasher needs unloading, and even though I do laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY, it is never all put away...

NO PHOTOS - Flushed with anxiety and not enough time would be the reason there are no photos here of the basement painting progress, or the bathroom stripes I mentioned previously, or an individual post about being a thrift store junkie with photos of my fabulous finds (like the navy blue Stride Rite mary jane's for Marly for a $1.29 which had never been worn). I work... and I don't have time right now. I hope some day I do....

The kids are taking a nap. I should go fold some laundry... (Can't vacuum right now!)

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