Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

Yes... I have read the first three Twighlight books. Yes... I enjoyed them as much as everyone else. I haven't read the 4th installment because I haven't come across a hard copy yet, it is not out in paperback, and I have been too cheap to buy it.

Sunday I got to see 'New Moon' with Gretchen, her mom, her sister, and Dan. We saw it at the Imax theater in St. Michael. The movie was fun to take in on the huge screen, and it was an enjoyable afternoon out. Yes... I do think Cullen is quite sexy, expecially when he stands in front of his Volvo!

Dad watched the kids NAP while I was away. Mark had to do inventory at the 'Bou. Unfortunately, the kids slept the entire time I was gone! They had been up late Saturday night because our church had a farewell dinner for our much loved Associate Pastor Kyle.

Sunday night the kids enjoyed the beef stroganoff I had managed to get in the crock pot before departing for the theater... then they were still running WILD at 8 pm, due to their nap time overrun.

Oh well! I did let the 'Madagascar Christmas' DVD act as a babysitter after supper while I slapped some more paint on some patched areas ... and um yes.... I did then pop the classical 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer' to get the kitchen cleaned up...

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