Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FREE TICKETS - Tran-Siberian Orchestra

Last week I happened upon free tickets to the Tran-Siberian Orchestra concert, so Mark and I decided to take in the afternoon show. While sitting in the darkened auditorium, I was mentally penning my blog description of the event.

It goes something like this. Imagine an '80's hair rock ban tour bus happens upon several wayward orchestra members hitch hiking along with electric violins in hand. Together they drop acid and trip forward in time to to modern day. They land right on stage at the Target Center ready for a holiday performance outfitted with fiber optics, laser lights, a deep throated narrator, ample dry ice, AND snow falling from the rafters. Featured musicians of either sex sported long locks, which were used as a prominent prop while strumming or stringing. The music included original works, popular and traditional Christmas melodies, and even an unexpected riff from a Led Zeplin Tune.

In case you are worried you missed the show... near the end, a host/lead singer (who bore a physical resemblance to Neil Diamond in a tux with white shirt un-bottoned half way to his navel) announced they would be back in the spring. The group then launched into their GRAND FINALE as a preview. The host/singer mentioned above had a vocal style that could best be described as a mix of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Nat King Cole. He was backed up four scantily clad singer/dancers in knee high boats AND pyrotechnics!

After 120 minutes Mark and I slipped out to avoid the crowds leaving once the show actually wrapped up. Mark was a bit miffed he spent $10 parking. I suspect the tickets were worth more then $40, but I honestly don't know. I do know we enjoyed a fantastic meal at NE Social over in Nord'east before heading home.

Thank you Kelly for babysitting for our interesting outing Saturday!

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