Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The Thomberg's had a lovely day. Here is our photo play by play!

At noon on Thursday Marly and Dean were ready to greet their guests! I took Wednesday off (while the kids attended daycare) so I was READY to greet the guests too.

We live in a split level home, which was not the design Mark and I originally hoped for when house hunting, but we are liking it surprisingly well. This cabinet and counter area is opposite our fireplace in the lower level. When guests arrived, we showed them downstairs for appetizers and drinks. Mark just added the tin tiles last week. We love the inexpensive, easy decor update!

Mark's family relaxing before dinner. This area is now 1/2 painted...

Wednesday I shopped, cooked, cleaned and gathered the china, linens, and crystal. I mashed the potatoes, set up the green bean casserole, etc. Above is my cranberry relish in a beautiful Waterford Bowl, which was a wedding gift from Chris. The candle sticks (below) are also Waterford. Have I mentioned I LOVE Waterford and its beauty. I visited the factory in Ireland in college.

Our table - Of course most everything you see was wedding gifts, most being used for the first time. Please also notice the buffet transformation (see previous post). What do you think? Not bad for $64, 2 quarts of paint, and 6 new drawer pulls. The table is from our house at the farm. The tablecloth was also my mom's. Yes.. I had my bittersweet moment when ironing it for use after so many years of being packed away. I know this tablecloth saw many, many Thanksgivings at our house with the Toren family when growing up.

The black frames hanging by the window (above) contain seasonal artwork made by Marly and Dean at daycare. We change them out as we get new.

Me prepping the food. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of Mark cutting our 19 pound turkey (with an electric knife). It was moist, tasty, and done on time (I used a Renyolds Oven Bag... worked like a charm). I put the turkey in a bucket of brine the day before. Not sure if that was worth the effort or not.


Marly and Dean at their own personal kid table. The children's table is normally in our downstairs family room.

A few hours after the main course we had pie, with home made whip cream and hot 'Bou Coffee. Thank you Pauline for bringing our desert. The bowl with the gourds on the left is another thrift store find for $1.94. If you look in other photos, you may notice mumms in white vases, which are my $.94 thift store purchases. That $6.00 mumm bunch from Cub packs a lot of festive decor punch when divided through out the house.

So there you have it. I am sure you all have similar photos of a similar day, hopefully filled with many blessings.

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