Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A while back I lost my cell phone, or rather...It went missing. I had it at home, and then it was gone. Mark kept trying to make me retrace my steps. I kept telling him OVER AND OVER, I knew it was some where on the upper level of our house. I was sure the kids had stashed it somewhere. It disappeared on a Saturday, and I tore the place apart looking for it. On Sunday afternoon, the kids and I made a little trip to the AT&T store in Coon Rapids to visit their Uncle Pat so I could get a replacement. We have no home phone, and I felt very unsure and unsafe to be with out communication. Folks, let me tell you I am NO techy. I had a simple phone, free with the plan, and I purchased a nearly identicle $34 go-phone as a replacement. Say what you like.. but I don't even text.

Well - Just the other day I located my original phone... in the freezer... with freezer burn... under frozen chicken, and at Dean's level! Oddly, it was good timing, because Mark's phone then died and he took this one!

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britta said...

Did it still work?!


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