Friday, October 30, 2009

Recycled Costumes = A Hug from Heaven

Of course Marly and Dean were to wear costumes to daycare today. I knew their Costco giraffe and elephant attire were NOT potty training, wear all day friendly... so I dug into my costume box returned from storage at Aunt Carol's. This box contains MANY, MANY items my mom sewed for Brett and I over the years, and various odds and ends. Inside I found the monkey toddler costume, my kindergarten witch cape (hope the cute dress with orange rick rack that went with it turns up), princess dresses in several sizes, our clown costumes and hats, items I wore for high school plays, and the witch dress my mom sewed for a high school dance. Also inside were the capes the kids wore this morning pictured below. I would say these capes (made from those 'buy a yard' pre-printed items from JoAnne fabrics) were probably one of the least elaborate costumes my mom sewed over the years. There are matching pumpkin bags. They were PERFECT for the Twinners today. It feels so good to put them in something Grandma Marlys made. It feels so good to have them in something that was mine and Brett's. It is so good to have a way to physically put this love onto them.

I have decided these capes are a hug from GRANDMA MARLYS in heaven!

My Mom on the run, running late for daycare in the AM as usual, in the purse camara photography isn't nearly as good as what Mark would snap. Sorry!!!


The Koenig Family said...

Oh my gosh Andrea, I am so happy for you. You must have had tears. O know I did ready your blog.

Love Cindy

The Koenig Family said...

Okay I am listening to Katelyn and her friends and can not type at the same time.


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