Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drop in visit

Last night I dreamed I was back at my college sorority house. I was the me as in today. My sorority sister Holly was there too. The house was our old house from back in the day. We may have been visiting for the weekend or week perhaps? It felt very odd. Our icky land-lord (Rick the Dick!) showed up questioning what we were doing there, since we didn't have a lease and it was summer.

Anyway, fast forward to this morning. I was at the Fridley Sam's Club for work. It occurred to me I was less then a mile from the credit union where my friend Holly works. I knew I HAD to stop in and say hello. I was DRAWN to her. The kind lady who greeted asked if I had an appointment. "No." She asked me my name. I simply replied, "Andrea." She called Holly in her office, who gave instant recognition to her unexpected visitor.

It was a DELIGHT to see this dear college friend, if only for a few minutes. As indicated in my last post, our opportunities to see those important to us are sometimes limited, and life moves fast. Unfortunately, I see Holly only a few times a year. Today - I seized the moment. Our time was brief... but in those 15 minutes, I got to reconnect. I suspect on our drives home from work today, both Holly and I will replay MANY cherished college memories in our minds...and maybe just one or two we would rather forget : )

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