Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. The truth is, last year, in my head, I expected Mark to make my day GREAT. When he wouldn't make me coffee in the morning before church (he offered to go pick up Caribou), there was no breakfast (he offered to pick up Fat Nats Eggs if I ordered), and he was his usual poky self getting ready with no time to help dress the kids... I was...well - MAD!

This year, I changed my mindset, and changed my mood. I loved my day. It started on Saturday, when I ran errands by myself. I went to Costco, and also needed to go to the grocery store. In between, there was a detour to Hot Mama. I picked up the bright blue maxi dress I had been eyeing on line for weeks. I wore it all weekend and it made me happy.

Sunday Mark ran the Susan G Komen 5K for Caribou. He slipped out early. I stayed in bed, and watched some HGTV. On my own time, I got up and started preparing my quiches and salad for the lunch we were hosting for Nana Chris, my Dad, and my Aunt Toots. Again, hosting lunch was my pick for the day. (Mark's mom was having lunch with Kelly, otherwise I would have surely wanted her to be with us!)

The kids were darlings and slept until 9 AM, so I had plenty of time to enjoy the quiet house. When they did get up, I let them play outside in their jammies. They were happy and I was smiling as I set our table for lunch. (Ohh... notice the photo above. My little darlings stole two of the Arthur Court napkin rings before Mark could get a photo.)

When Mark arrived back home, he had a medium 1/2 caf latte in hand for me. I didn't chance him thinking of this on his own, although he probably would have. I called and ASKED sweetly for my fix. He was glad to oblige. He also had a fun token gift for me from the kids.

Our guests arrived. I served the traditional Betty Crocker 1973 quiche Lorraine recipe, and a leek and Gruyere cheese quiche. (The second pick was bland.) I also made a chicken salad with apples, basil, peanuts and a lime and rice vinegar dressing. We served Costco butter criossants. Of course there was champagne. Again, the menu was all my own. Things that would please me.

Afterwards, Mark handled the clean up with out even a prodding look from his happy wife. Our guests talked, laughed, cuddled Marly and Dean, and relaxed.

Later, all the Thomberg's settled in for a nap, and then Mark took our yearly mommy and me photos.

To complete Mother's Day, we headed out for greasy burgers - another Thomberg tradition. More often then not in the Twinner's 4 years of life, we have headed to Wagner's/Galaxy Drive in. This year we stayed closer to home. The weather was a little dreary, so I picked Juicy Lucy's at the 5-8 Club.

Here are a few notable things I haven't already mentioned that made for a truly lovely day (both material and from the heart).

  • My kids telling me "I love you Mommy!" without being solicited. They do this every day, not just on Mother's Day.

  • Being able to host my Aunt Toots to lunch on Mother's Day. Her on own girls were busy with their daughter's, so I got the privilege of honoring my aunt. It meant a lot to me. I was ecstatic when she accepted my invitation.

  • Actually, I feel good when I can attempt to make other mom's feel special on Mother's Day, most surely including Nana Chris. Not having my own mom here makes me want to give to other women.

  • The Pandora beads Marly and Dean picked for me for my charm bracelet. This year and last, Nana Chris has taken the kids shopping for these little trinkets. I LOVE IT. I love that Chris is so thoughtful. I love that the kids pick. I love that the Twinner's love their "secret" gift.

  • I think the tableclothe in the photo above was my dad's mother's. I never refer to Marion Melberg as my grandmother because she died when my dad was just a boy. If my Aunt Carol checks in, she would be able to confirm this....

Anyway, I hope all the mom's out there found their own special way to love their day too.

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