Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Marly took dance lessons this year at a small, non-competitive dance studio in Fridley called N' Motion. This Thursday through Saturday was the studio's recitals, hosted at the Ritz Theater in NE Minneapolis.

Below is her family of fans.
 Her biggest fan is probably her twinner - Dean-o!
 Nana and Papa!
 Grandma and Grandpa!
 With her two pregnant (glowing) aunties!
 Me and my little girl!
In case you are curious, after pulling everything into the garage from our sale on Thursday (while Mark picke up the kids from Reading Workshop at school), I sprayed a ton of perfume on my sweaty body, smoothed and teased my hair, quickly wrangled Marly into her tights and costume, curled and pinned her hair in place, put make up on her, dressed myself, and sprayed more purfume on both of us. We jumped in the car, hit the McDonald's drive through, got half way to the theater... then discovered Marly's tap shoes were still at home....

....but it all worked out, as it usually does.

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