Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Despite the gloomy weather, the Thomberg's had a fine Memorial Day Weekend and hope you did too. Friday we had a backyard fire, IN THE RAIN, with a patio unbrella. Our neighbor Chlo joined us for a glass of wine, or two.... or more...
Saturday we headed south for a day trip to Red Wing. We arrived for a late lunch at...... McDonalds! Yup... that was what Marly and Dean wanted. That was the ONLY thing they wanted. Remind me to BAN the Golden Arches from all future day trips. Nevermind we passed a great little burger/beer joint with a crowded parking lot in Meisville. Nevermind all the dining choices in Red Wing.....
 We hiked Barn Bluff, took some unusual turns, and ended up on a path that was clearly CLOSED, which always make for a better adventure.
 The view at the top.
 Back in town, it was time for ice cream. What day trip is complete without ice cream???
 The Memorial Day flag display in the park by the river was impressive.
We headed home by way of  the Wisconsin side of the river, stopped in Prescott for supper at one of the state's endless main street bars, and had a fine day indeed.
Sunday was cold, cloudy and windy. We went to Brett and Rachel's for lunch. It was too crappy for a boat ride, too crappy to play croquet, but NOT to crappy to wizz around in the golf cart before taking a Sunday drive with the family (including Papa) into Chaska for ice cream. Later we headed back to Suburbia to see Gretch's sister Sam's new home and have a BBQ with them in Columbia Heights.
The cloudy skies on Monday made the mood right to finally do our post-garage-sale-garage clean up. By 4 pm we could all park in the garage again. Mission Accomplished!!! After, it was time for some backyard baseball, a crock pot of ribs, and Sundae's on a Monday for dessert before bed! (Do you see a trend her with the ice cream?)
Thank you to our blessed troops and milatary personnel for your service to our country.
We honor you - young and old or gone before.

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