Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The month of April always slips away on me because of my workload and the Crystal Ball, hosted this year on May 4th. So... here is a recap!

We headed PAST Hector to to Max's in Olivia for Mariah's confirmation. I tried to steal a cute cousins picture off of Facebook, but I couldn't get it to forward.

We headed to Como Zoo for Earth Day. It had  felt like a millions years since Mark and I had taken the kids on any activities around town.

Inside the Conservatory
 Marly refused to take a photo by the fish pond, which is a tradition on every visit.
 Dean was happy to pose and flash me a smile.
Dean asked me to take a photo of EVERY animal.
For this post, I will limit it to his beloved Polar Bears.
 One Saturday was spent at dance photos prior to her recital later in May.
 Meanwhile, Dean and Mark headed to a Twins game with  the tickets his family gave him for his 40th Birthday.
 It snowed again.
 Less than a  week later, swimsuits and water balloons replaced boots and snowballs.
 These two little besties spent some time horsing around!
The Crystal Ball heralded in the month of May on Saturday
... and now I  want to take a nap every afternoon this week.
 (The event was a SUCCESS indeed!)

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