Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

One Mrs. Thomberg had a perfectly delightful Mother's Day weekend.!
 Saturday I prepped for an upcoming garage sale, then Marly and I went to the Lady's Tea at Church. I was given a hat to borrow/wear. The confirmation boys all wore teas and served us tea, savories, and sweets.  After, Marly and I continued our girls afternoon and attended an "Introduction to Chamber Music" hosted by one of my friends and two other talented musicians. The music was performed at Marly's dance studio. I know the pretty lady playing the flute - her name is Mandy.
 Sunday we went to church. The kids sang, and all the kindergardeners said the Lord's Prayer. The kids and I have been reciting it at LEAST one time a day for more than two weeks. They did a fine job.
 We went to lunch at Kelly's and learned Kelly and Pat are expecting a baby boy!
Later we headed to Nana and Papa's to see their photos of Africa, then went to supper with her kids too.

A perfectly lovely Mother's Day indeed!

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