Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baseball, Dance and a Garage Sale

So the Thomberg's have had a bit of a busy week, probably no different then you....

Monday morning - Mark left for a work retreat.
Tuesday at 5:30 pm - Marly had dance practice for her recital later in the week.
Tuesday at 7:00 pm  -Dean had his first little league game.
(Did I mention Mark was out of town for work?)
Dad??? council.
Kelly???? To the RESCUE!

She checked out of work a little early, and made for a smooth flow on Tuesday evening. While I headed to the Ritz Theater in NE Mpls for the N' Motion practice, Dean hit the field. Take a look through the lens of Auntie's camera....

Dean overhead talking to the coach, "Can you please put me somewhere the ball won't hit me?"

Hmmm.... not sure where he would get that from......

And the REST of the week.

Wednesday afternoon - Mark returned.
Wednesday eve - We cancelled Marly's reading tutor session, and I worked on garage sale prep.
Thursday - The alarm went off at 5 am to get ready for the garage sale.
Thursday at 4:45 pm - I drug stuff in the garage from the sale while Mark picked up the kids from reading workshop at school.
Thursday at 7 pm - Marly's Dance Recital.
Friday - Garage Sale day two!

(and as of Monday, Mark and I still haven't seen a game, due to the recital and rain postponement.)

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